Rocky Mountain National Park


Conscious Aging Institute (CAI) is a Colorado Corporation founded in 2008. We are located in beautiful Livermore, Colorado in the Roosevelt National Forest 30 milles northeast of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

After years of study, meditation and having mentors guiding us along our path toward expanded awareness and consciousness, we feel it is now our time to try to give back and help others on their journey and path of awakening.

We have a mission, basic value system and policies and practices like most other formal institutions. We are teachers and counselors as well as students on the path. We welcome feedback, inputs, suggestions and questions that will help improve the conscious aging and awareness of all interested parties on the planet.
Livermore Dot Map CAI
117 Mount Harvard Road
Livermore, CO 80536

Certificate of Good Standing
CAI Certificate of Good Standing As of 11/1/16
CO Sec of State
Wayne Williams