Food for Thought


Everything has its beauty,
but not everyone sees it.

--- Confucius


Self-knowledge is not a thing
to be bought in books,
nor is it the outcome of a long
painful practice and discipline;
but it is awareness,
from moment to moment.

--- Krishnamurti


You are looking directly at Spirit,
with Spirit,
in every act of awareness.

There is nowhere Spirit is not.

--- Ken Wilber


Enlightenment must come
little by little -
otherwise it would overwhelm.

--- Idries Shah


Steps Through 7 Levels

Each of Us Experience The World Differently

Even though we are all together on the physical plane, everyone is not operating at the same level of awareness and consciousness. A group of people observing an event are all exposed to the same things but their individual levels of awareness cause them to experience the event with different levels of clarity and understanding.

Since our individual level of awareness dictates how we experience events, there are a few basics we need to understand about awareness itself:

7 Levels of Awareness

Classically defined, there are seven levels of awareness / consciousness. Here are the basic distinctions from one level to the next:

  1. Unconscious Level - The sleep state without dreams.
  2. Dream Level - The sleep state with dreams.
  3. Physical Level - The state of normal human existence.
  4. Awakening Level - The state where we begin to recognize we are Body/Mind/Spirit but do not know that we are really only Spirit.
  5. Witnessing State - The state where we experience and know we are only Spirit. In this state we can step out of the body and mind, remain conscious and know the physical universe is a hologram and a creation of our Spirit.
  6. Cosmic Consciousness  - The state where we experience coming from our own Spirit and we can see the Spirit existing in everything else (but we do not know both are one and the same).
  7. Divine Consciousness - The state where as Spirit, we experience we are also the Spirit in everything else, we are one with everything, we are God or quoting a famous saying, “I am that, you are that, that is that and that is all there is.”

Awareness is like building a stairway one block at a time. As each new block of awareness is cemented into place, it forms the base for what comes next. The higher the stairway, the higher the level of awareness and the more clearly one can experience and know the world for what it is.

Awareness Expansion

In this section we will be adding pages on the typical characteristics associated with each of the seven levels of awarenss and how individuals living from each level tend to view the human realm. We will also see how each of the seven levels of awareness tie into the seven chakras in the body.

Taking it a step further, we will be adding material on how our seven chakras in the physial realm tie into seven higher realms or levels which include the 2nd Physical realm, the Astral realm, the Causal realm and Cosmic Consciousness.

There are even higher realms but we will address them after fully explaining the lower levels. Awakening awaress is a stepping stone process and we will explain all of the levels one step at a time.