Food for Thought


Anyone who is not shocked
by quantum mechanics
has not fully understood it.

--- Neils Bohr


Not evertyhing that can be counted, counts.
Not everything that counts can be counted.

--- Einstein


The great tragedy of science...
the slaying of a beautiful theory
by an ugly fact.

--- Thomas Henry Huxley


All things are number.

--- Pythagoras


We must learn to think holistically
rather than atomistically.

--- Abraham Maslow


1st Z Particle - CERN


    ● from the Latin quantus or "how much"
    ● an exceptionally small subdivision of forms of energy
    ● the minimum unit of any physical entity interaction
    ● from the Latin physica or "natural science"
    ● a science dealing with the interaction of matter and energy
    ● a study of nature to understand how the universe behaves


Many major beliefs about our universe which were "known" to be scientifically true at the time, have fallen by the wayside in light of subsequent discoveries. A few of the more blatant examples are:


The latest popular delusion of man is that materialism/matter is solid and real. Quantum Mechanics has burst the bubble, matter is not solid and real, it is really energy waves appearing as matter.

A door looks like a door and feels solid when you stub your toe against it but the closer you look, the door has no matter. It looks like it is solid as you go from the wood or steel down to the molecules. It still looks sold further down to the level of the atoms making up the door. Then, via Quantum Physics, the atoms start to be much more vacuum than anything else with subatomic "particles" dissolving into energy with frequency waves.


Physicists have gone beyond the limits of the old world views into the world of Quantum Mechanics. They have made discoveries which have profound philosophical implications for our world of the here and now hidden beneath the old veil of materialism.

Quantum Reality now shows us: So much for the notion the earth is flat!!

Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness

As we further develop this section, we will (in layman's terms) walk through experiments such as Schrödinger's cat, the single and double slit and the water experiments. We will also go through several of Einstein's "thought experiments" which he said were not a result of his mind thinking but came to him/through him from the ether as packets of information. Packets of information which subsequently proved true in actual testing.

All of the experiments help give us a better understanding of the Holographic Universe which surrounds us and is the result of our individual and collective imaginations, consciousness, spirits or whatever term with which you feel most comfortable.

The pages which will be added will help us better understand we are living in an illusion where we are both the perceiver and the "objects" being perceived. There is nothing in the universe except energy in the form of waves and matter does not exists even though our senses persistently tell us otherwise.