Food for Thought


Quieting the mind,
creates space
for the soul to be heard.

--- Dr. David Simon


You can actually see God,
and hear Him, play with Him.

It might sound crazy,
but He is actually there.

--- George Harrison


Meet everyone and everything
through stillness
rather than mental noise.

--- Eckhart Tolle


The ability to be in the present moment
is a major component of mental health.

--- Abraham Maslow


If you are interested in genuine transformative spirituality,
find an authentic spiritual teacher and begin practice.

Without practice, you will never move beyond
the phases of belief, faith and random peak experiences.

--- Ken Wilber


Matrimandir Meditation Hall

Meditation Practice

Meditation is a natural process of withdrawing attention from external conditions and directing it inward to a chosen focus of concentration. It is a practice that is thousands of years old and there are quite a few different techniques or ways of doing it. However, done properly, all lead to forgetting the body exists, quieting the mind and realizing we are neither body or mind, we are spirit.

There are numerous physical and mental benefits derived from practicing meditation which in and of themselves make it worthwhile doing on a regular, ongoing basis. Then, there is the added icing on the cake - it eventually causes us to awaken to higher levels of awareness and consciousness and to come to know our true identity - who we really are (Spirit).

Physical Benefits

Over the last 40 years, the physical benefits of regular meditation practice have been scientifically studied, documented and widely reported in medical journals, magazines, newspapers and the general press. These include: For these physical reasons, regular meditation practice is now increasingly recommended by many physicians and other health practitioners as a part of integral health medicine.

Mental / Awareness Benefits

For thousands of years, consistent practice of meditation over long periods of time has also been widely reported to cause inner peace. Some of the symptoms of inner peace are:

It Is Life Changing

It is amazing but even a week or two of meditating 20 minutes a day quiets our mind and we can see new possibilities that lie outside of our previously constructed definitions. Our awareness grows and there's no way to fit it back inside the old container. At the same time, a lingering nostalgia makes our ego uncomfortable with letting go and leaving the past behind, but it is best to acknowledge the power of quieting and centering the mind and move slowly toward our future.

The Ins and Outs of Meditation

One goes into meditation and one comes out of meditation. It is where Spirit and consciousness are in between those two points in time that is what meditation is all about.

We will be expanding this section to explain how to meditate, some of the primary forms or techniques of meditation being practiced today and the differences between each.

Until we are able to develop this section further, you may want to explore our Favorite Meditation Links which will show you primary Mindfulness and Transcendental groups teaching and practicing in the US.