Human Bodies Are Earthly Surrogates for Our Spirit

Bob Furge, July 10, 2010

There is a great 2009 science fiction thriller called "Surrogates" where Hollywood's futuristic science is tripping over real life awareness and spirituality. The movie can give our awareness a brief peek at who we really. If we can see the symbolism and relate to it, we either go "Oh shit" or “I already knew it” or “You lost me on that one.”

The “Surrogates” movie stars Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell and Rosamund Pike are all tied together around James Cromwell fourteen years in the future. Cromwell has invented surrogate electronic bodies we can use in place of our own as we go about earthly existence. We can chose how we dress our surrogate bodies, how old they are and their physical appearance. We use these surrogate bodies as we go about our everyday chores but we are the ones running and watching the show as we lay in our easy chairs at home. There is a twist in the end which I will not spoil here - see the movie.

In any event, the writers of the movie either intentionally or subconsciously symbolically wrote about who we really are in the here and now. In general, our minds control the direction of our individual movies. Our bodies play out our mind’s roles. And the whole time, we are really pure Spirit just watching the show.

In the movie, humans of the future tend to forget who they really are and they begin to believe they are the surrogate. They interact through the surrogates, feel through the surrogates and tend to forget they are really sitting at home in their easy chairs making it all happen. Same thing exactly in the here and now. There are times we really believe we are our minds and our bodies and we forget to take a step back and “witness” everything from our Spirit. When we come from our Spirit, we see we too dress our earth bodies the way we want, we control their physical appearance and we can slow or speed up our aging.

Even as in the movie, we can repair our earthly surrogate human bodies through modern medicine, our surrogate human bodies need to be recharged with sleep and they are very much connected to our Spirit. And more than anything else, when our Spirit moves on, our human surrogate bodies die until Spirit decides it is time to inhabit a new surrogate body.

The symbolism and the analogies in the movie are clear - we are not the surrogate human bodies we appear to be, we are Spirits using our human body earthly spacesuits so we can live, work and play here.

If you are having difficulty relating to the concept, rent the movie.