Food for Thought


Our body
is an Earthly spacesuit
for our Spirit

--- Bob Furge


One of Billions of Galaxies

I Am My Body / Mind (cont'd)

I have to be my mind. My mind processes all the information coming in, it seems to retain memories of the past, it makes decisions on what I am doing and going to do, it harbors my feelings of emotion. I am my mind!

But here we go again. If we are our minds, what part of our minds are we? Among the entire human race, someone, somewhere has had virtually every part of their mind removed due to accidents, surgery for cancer, cerebral hemorrhages or the like. Somewhere in the world there is a person missing any part of the brain known to science --- and yet they are still here.

Also, our thoughts are always changing, our belief systems are constantly changing so we are not our thoughts either.

So, there is no part of the brain that is who we really are.

Now, we have determined we are not our professions. We have determined that we have a body but we are not our body. We have determined that we have a mind but we are not our mind. So, we are a little further along because we know who we are not but it brings us right back to the original question - who are we?


Call it what you will but in reality, we are an ever present field of consciousness we call Spirit, Soul, Essence or whatever term you want to apply. Who we truly are is separate from our minds and our bodies and is the thinker of our thoughts and the witness of our actions.

In essence, this human world is just a play, our play. Our minds write the play and are therefore the author of the play. Our bodies act out the play and are therefore are the actors and actresses in the play. Our Spirit watches or witnesses the play and therefore it is the audience of the play.

Consequently, we are the authors, the actors and the audience of our human play but when our human play is over, we are left being that that which we have always been and will always be - the audience - Spirit and only Spirit.