Aging With Intention

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Intention (2004)

In this book, Wayne offers a strong argument when he says we can have a very positive influence on our lives if we are clear about our intentions and focus on making them our reality.

Nine years before, Wayne wrote another piece where he put forth a very plausible case that if we believe something will happen, we will end up seeing it happen. Put another way, If I Believe It, I Will See It. This is a 180° shift from conventional (skeptical) logic which says, I will believe it when I see it.

If we couple the two pieces and a) we foster or set the intentions Wayne suggests, and b) we believe them and practice them, then c) we will see them.

Here are the intentions Wayne suggests we set which will ultimately manifest them for ourselves:
  1. Create what I want and know it will work out.
  2. Focus on what I intend to create rather than waste time thinking about what I don’t want. As a matter of fact, the universe does not hear the words "no" and "not". So, when you say you don't want to be sick, the universe hears you don't want to be sick. It should be said as an affirmation - I want to be healthy or better yet, I am healthy.
  3. Refrain from debating and trying to win you over to my point of view.
  4. Live in a state of gratitude, appreciation and bewilderment.
  5. Attract cooperation and assistance of others in fulfilling my own intentions.
  6. Have an uplifting effect on others.
  7. Say to myself “I want to feel good” and then bring my thoughts into harmony with this desire.
  8. Resist allowing my well-being to be contingent on anything external to myself.
  9. Be exceptionally generous.
  10. Be highly inspired.
  11. Exhibit an exceptionally high level of energy.
  12. Maintain a sense of responsibility for my community, country, and the planet.
  13. Live passionately every day.
  14. Stay away from loud, bellicose, opinionated people while sending them a silent blessing and then move on.
  15. Be an exceptionally kind and loving person.
  16. Never know enough, remain inquisitive about life, and attracted to every manner of activity.
  17. Be energized, inspired, and unify people around me.